Waiver Wire – Week 7

Normally this write up is done by good friend and frequent contributor, Richard Lick. But Richard is busy this week. I assume it’s because he’s off being a generous lover to someone somewhere because well, that’s what he’s known for. In his absence, I decided that I’d try to fill his shoes with our Waiver […]

Fuck That Guy – Week 6

Welcome back to Fuck That Guy. I haven’t had a chance to write this piece for a few weeks and to be honest, this week is pretty slim pickins’ on who to politely tell them to F off. This article is pretty simple. We take a look at players who had no business getting fantasy […]

You Sure About That? – Week 6

It’s time for a new article! So, naturally I wanted to write one that would raise some eyebrows. In “You Sure About That?” I will list some players at several positions that most will be afraid to play. Now, for example, I’m not gonna say, “Don’t be afraid to play Zeke against the Jags.” Uh […]

5 to Thrive, 5 to Dive – Week 6

Welcome back to 5 Thrive, 5 to Dive. In this weekly write-up, we try to predict which players will outperform their weekly FantasyPros rank (Thrives) and those who will underperform (Dives). This isn’t a start-sit piece. It’s simply telling you who has a chance to do what this week. My Thrives last week (Wilson, Henry, […]

Waiver Wire – Week 6

By Richard Lick Here’s your week 6 waiver wire pickups, use my knowledge or don’t and lose your next game it’s your call. I’m not a professional fantasy football analyzer statistician person but I feel pretty confident in my waiver wire piece. Each player is owned in less than 50% of leagues but in no […]