Waiver Wire – Week 3

The following post has been written by new contributor and a sexy devil himself, Mr. Richard Lick. Richard and I are friends that go back to college and he’ll be providing us with some weekly write-ups, whether that be a Waiver Wire piece like this, or contributing in other facets of the site. I’m grateful […]

Week 1 Ranks

Finally! We’re finally about to be back to real-life, meaningful football. Not that, AAA bullshit we were subjected to during the month of August. I will be ranking position by position, barring the unneeded Kicker and Team Defense position. They will also be broken down into tiers – with some creative names. I will only […]

Team Defense

I’m not going to rank defenses. If you can’t tell who has a good defense, then you don’t know dick about football. Ok, that’s harsh. But don’t draft defenses early. Wait on them for awhile and take one near the end of the draft that has a good matchup in Week 1. And if you […]

Tight Ends

For the sake of time, these write ups will be short. Draft tip: Unless you get Gronk late in the 2nd, wait on TE. It’s not worth it. Rob Gronkowski, NE – This man child somehow has made me like him. His infatuation with the number 69 is so dumb. But it’s also funny. And […]

Wide Receivers

These are SEASON LONG ranks. I rate them in which the order I would draft them, not necessarily how they’ll finish. We’ll be going by the half point PPR scoring system to rank these guys. Draft tip: Get a stud at WR and be patient. There’s a vast amount of receivers who could return solid […]