Fuck That Guy – Week 6

Welcome back to Fuck That Guy. I haven’t had a chance to write this piece for a few weeks and to be honest, this week is pretty slim pickins’ on who to politely tell them to F off. This article is pretty simple. We take a look at players who had no business getting fantasy points over regular players and politely tell them what we think. It’s a short write up and is more for you to realize that there were some dudes who stole fantasy points from our players. Let’s take a look at this week’s candidates.

Anthony Miller – Chicago Bears

The rookie out of Memphis had one catch on Sunday. One. And it went for a 29 yard TD. If you own Trubisky and played him (shut the hell up, you didn’t play him), then you’re ok with this. But if you’re an owner of Allen Robinson, Tarik Cohen, Trey Burton and other weapons of the Chicago offense, you’re rightfully a little pissed. Yes, I left Jordan Howard off the list. Yes, that was on purpose. Anyways, Anthony Miller, FUCK THAT GUY.

Marcus Johnson and Erik Swoope – Indianapolis Colts

Lots of young players on the list this week. It’s hard to tell an undrafted guy who scored a TD on Sunday to fuck off, but that’s what I’ll do. Andrew Luck threw 4 TDs on Sunday so they had to go to someone but who in the hell is Marcus Johnson? T.Y. Hilton didn’t play so that meant extra snaps for guys that should probably be playing in the CFL and Johnson made his 3 targets count. If you own or played any of the Colts other weapons you were probably left saying who the hell is Marcus Johnson? FUCK THAT GUY. Erik Swoope decided that he didn’t want Johnson to be by himself on the FUCK THAT GUY list from the Colts so he also decided to score a TD on his only catch. FUCK THAT GUY, too.

Jaron Brown – Seattle Seahawks

This is the most obvious one of the week to me. Jaron Brown had one target and one catch. And it was a 5 yard TD from Russell Wilson. The Seahawks are running the piss out of the ball but when they get to the goal line they pass. As someone who played Doug Baldwin and some Tyler Lockett in DFS this week, you bet your ass I was yelling FUCK THAT GUY.

Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers


Thanks for reading. Keep checking in on funnyfantasyfiles throughout the week.

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