You Sure About That? – Week 6


It’s time for a new article! So, naturally I wanted to write one that would raise some eyebrows. In “You Sure About That?” I will list some players at several positions that most will be afraid to play. Now, for example, I’m not gonna say, “Don’t be afraid to play Zeke against the Jags.” Uh yeah, no shit. You have Zeke, you play Zeke. But I’m going to be looking at the back half of each position’s ranks from FantasyPros for the week and trying to list some players that you shouldn’t fear. Now, you might say after a couple choices, what the hell? And that’s fine. The point of this article should be to say to me, “You Sure About That?” Let’s get into it.

Derek Carr, QB Oakland Raiders (FantasyPros Rank: 21)

The Seahawks have been very good against fantasy QBs this year giving up the 4th fewest points to the position. But here’s the QBs they’ve played: Keenum, Trubisky, Prescott, Bradford/Rosen and Goff. One of these players is not like the others and hint, hint it’s Goff. Because unlike the others, he’s not pure shit. And Goff threw for over 300 yards last week on the road. Now, Carr hasn’t exactly been torching defenses this year in Jon Gruden’s system but he hasn’t been totally terrible either. The Seahawks secondary isn’t the Legion of Boom anymore. It’s more of the Legion of Whom? Yes, I stole that. No, I don’t care. If Amari Cooper can get his shit figured out, then that could help Derek Send in the Carr a great amount. I don’t think most people are playing him unless it’s a 2QB league, but even so, I wouldn’t be afraid to roll in this Carr.

Lamar Miller, RB Houston Texans (FantasyPros Rank: 31)

Miller Time is returning from injury this week so BBOB (Buttchin Bill O’Brien) could look to ease him back into the fold, especially with my dear Deshaun Watson ailing from a chest injury because his Oline apparently hates him. But, let’s be honest, Alfred Blue sucks at football. He’s just not good. And I know, Miller hasn’t been great ever since he’s become a Texan, but if he’s not better than Blue from Old School, then I think we’ve got some big problems here. The Bills give up the 11th most fantasy points to the RB this season and Houston SHOULD be winning large enough for most of the game where they try to run the ball down the Bills’ throats for most of the second half. If things go right, Miller could finish as a back end RB2 this week.

Josh Gordon, WR New England Patriots (FantasyPros Rank: 37)

It’s time to fly high with this guy! This is purely a gut call and shit, maybe I’m high for including him in this write-up but I like his chances this week. Flash Gordon showed last week how dangerous he can be on one play by just straight up taking a jump ball away from two Colts defenders like taking candy from a baby. He’s not Randy Moss so let’s stop with that comparison. But, I can see Brady starting to look his way more often soon. The Pats offense is about to start humming again and even though JG10 but might be their 4th option behind Gronk, Edelman and White, his talent is something that Brady won’t be able to ignore. He doesn’t need to get 10 targets a game to outperform his rank this week. The Chiefs aren’t exactly great against the pass and this game has the makings of a shootout. He’s a big time risk/reward play, but he’s gonna start getting more snaps and with more snaps will come a greater opportunity for him to produce for Football’s Biggest Asshole, Belichick.

I’m only doing 3 players this week since we’re close to games starting. Next week, we’ll expand to 5. Follow me on Twitter @hankmardukas23. Thanks for reading!


UPDATE @3:05: Yeah, there’s a reason these guys were ranked so low. (Vomits uncontrollably). Let’s hope Flash can make something happen or this is U G L Y.

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