5 to Thrive, 5 to Dive – Week 4

Let’s get into some more fantasy football fun! In 5 to Thrive, 5 to Dive, we try to predict players that will outperform their current FantasyPros ranking for the week and vice versa. That’s not to say you have to start or sit these guys. Last week, I only hit on one Thrive (Will Fuller) but did hit on at least 4 Dives (Kirk Cousins, David Johnson, Keenan Allen and AJ Green) and was close on Saquon. Let’s get to this week’s contestants!

5 to Thrive

Joe Flacco, QB Baltimore Ravens (Fantasy Pros Rank: 19)

Holy shitballs, I can’t believe I’m picking Joe “Elite” Flacco for this list. But this week, Flacco gets a great matchup against a Steelers’ secondary that is giving up points like they’re going out of style. The elite one hasn’t started out this season too terribly either (yeah, he played the Bills Week 1, but maybe that was a little more legit than we thought). I trust him about as far as I could throw him, but the Steelers aren’t exactly the Steel Curtain. They’re more like a leaky shower curtain that is disgusting to look at. Flacco’s gonna finish above 19.

Kenyan Drake, RB Miami Dolphins (Fantasy Pros Rank: 17)

The fact that Drake is still barely out-touching the 96 year old human turtle Frank Gore is a bit concerning. What else was concerning was his performance last week against the Raiders. But I think the young back from Bama and eventually Adam Gase is gonna stop being a dick about giving him touches. Plus, he gets to go against the Pats this week who just allowed the Lions to their first 100 yard rushing performance since Barry Sanders in 1997. (Yeah, that’s not totally accurate but it felt that long). I’m optimistic on Drake this week.

Aaron Jones, RB Green Bay Packers (Fantasy Pros Rank: 29)

Speaking of stubborn coaches, hello Mike McCarthy. Can you please stop pretending that Jamaal Williams is the answer at RB. Yes, he can pass protect. Awesome, great, terrific. It’s cool to protect ARod. You know what else could protect Rodgers? Having a damn run game to take some pressure off of his back. The Bills shocked the Vikes last week and effectively ended 70% of survivor pools, but their D isn’t spectacular and Jones is gonna have some big holes to work with. That sounds like fun to me.

Allen Robinson, WR Chicago Bears (Fantasy Pros Rank: 19)

If Mitchell the Bitchell Trubisky could hit the broadside of a barn then that sure could help ARob out. I’m gonna try and stay positive here though. Robinson and the Bears get a home matchup against the Bucs’ secondary that gives up yards and points like they’re going out of style. Robinson’s catch radius is huge and thank God it is because Trubisky is as accurate as Rick Ankiel pitching. (Look that one up, kids). If the Bears and Trubisky can figure it out, then we could be singing here’s to you Mr. Robinson. #genderequality #mrsrobinsonsoundsbetter

Sterling Shepard, WR New York Giants (Fantasy Pros Rank: 27)

Uh yeah, a WR going against the Saints? Sign me the fuck up for some of that action, boss. Although his QB is the doofus Eli Manning, Sterling should be eating some Shepard’s Pie this week (I know, I know – that sucked). Ignore that reference and instead focus on the fact that the Saints defense has been a sieve this year. Shepard is gonna be eating this week. That game is gonna be a shootout and this guy is gonna benefit from it.

5 to Dive

Aaron Rodgers, QB Green Bay Packers (Fantasy Pros Rank: 3)

A couple of weeks ago, I put Rodgers on the Dive list and Reddit tore me apart. I get it. He’s the best QB in the league. He’s so damn good that it’s silly. And he’s going against the Bills? Are you fuckin high? Well yeah, maybe. And it’s not smart to predict game-flow, but I’m thinking that the Packers are going to try and limit ARod this week and get that stalled ground game going. And if they get up big, they should pull him. I don’t see him finishing at 3.

David Johnson, RB Arizona Cardinals (Fantasy Pros Rank: 9)

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again – I will keep putting David Johnson on this list until the real DJ stands up. He finally got a little action in the receiving game last week, catching a touchdown, but that was pretty much his only standout highlight. The Seahawks aren’t an overwhelming defense, but DJ is going to be working with the big nosed rookie Josh Rosen this week. But hey, he can’t be any worse than Sammy Big Sleeves Bradford.

Chris Carson, RB Seattle Seahawks (Fantasy Pros Rank: 18)

Total Request Live with Chris Carson Daly was revived last week in a big way with a 32 carry 102 yard performance against the Cowboys. But come on, he’s Chris Carson and this is the Seahawks we’re talking about. To expect Carson to finish anywhere near RB18 this week is crazy to me. He’s had one game and pow he’s an RB2? Not so fast my, friends. I just can’t trust this guy yet.

Mike Evans, WR Tampa Bay Bucs (Fantasy Pros Rank: 10)

Evans has ridden the Fitzmagic to a massive start to his season. And this ranking isn’t to say that Evans doesn’t keep it going. But I’m going to bet against Ryan Fitzpatrick and his magical run ending this week against the Bears. Tampa’s OLine probably won’t be able to hold up to the massive pass rush that the Bears will bring. Khalil Mack is an absolute force and is #GoodAtTheGame. Also side note: Jon Gruden…feeling dumb yet, homie? With a fierce pass rush can come poor decisions and if Fitzpatrick spends his day making poor decisions, that could hurt Evans.

T.Y Hilton, WR Indianapolis Colts (Fantasy Pros Rank: 16)

With Luck’s arm strength apparently not coming back, that severely hurts Hilton’s value in my mind. I don’t think the old T.Y Hilton that we used to see going deep and catching bombs is coming back anytime soon. He could have a nice day working the short to intermediate routes with the Texans stout pass rush and the Colts having to dial up some quick passes. But, unless he catches a TD, he’s not finishing at 16 or around there this week.

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