Waiver Wire – Week 4

By Richard Lick

Here’s your week 4 waiver wire pickups, use my knowledge or don’t and lose your next game it’s your call. I’m not a professional fantasy football analyzer statistician person but I feel pretty confident in my waiver wire piece.

Each player is owned in less than 50% of leagues but in no particular order of need to pick up.


Baker Mayfield-CLE

Well, well, well, oh how the turn tables turn. With Tyrod Taylor going into concussion protocol, Baker Mayfield is going to be the starter for the Browns. Yes he is a rookie and yes I know this is the BROWNS we’re talking about, but this isn’t the Browns team from yesteryear. This team actually looks like it can piece together a few wins this year. I mean they have Jarvis Landry, the ultimate PPR guy and combine him with Mayfield, I’d be lying if Mayfield doesn’t get you QB2 and every now and then QB1 numbers. Once again, not the guy you’ll look to start every week, but a guy that’s more than capable of filling in for your starting QB on bye weeks and poor matchups.

Andy Dalton-CIN

Since Dalton still isn’t owned in more than 50% of leagues (who wants a red headed fuck as their QB, ya know?), I’m adding him again this week. He’s not blowing the doors off of defenses like you’d want for a starting QB, but he is still a solid bye week fill in who can usually get you solid production in a game that you might be missing your starting QB due to a bye week or a poor matchup. Dalton’s schedule is pretty favorable the next couple of weeks as well.


Javorius Allen – BAL

Although I despise the dirty birds, the Ravens have a solid receiving back at their disposal. Just when you think the Ravens will be able to handle their own and lead games regularly, they’ll be going against the Steelers at home (must I remind you about Big Ben’s home and road splits?) Ben looks like a shit show anywhere but Heinz Field so I’d expect a shootout in Pittsburgh and that plays into Javorius Allen’s specialty because I’ll look for Fan-fucking-tastic Flacco to check it down regularly to Allen. Especially since the Steelers don’t know their ass from a hole in the wall, count Allen as a solid flex in week 4.

Tavon Austin- DAL

There’s not much on the waiver wire in terms of solid backup RBs that are owned in less than 50% of ESPN leagues so bear with me. You look at his workload and it leaves much to be desired in the fuckery that is Dallas’ offense, but if you look at what he has done with his minimal workload so far and you can see that he might gain more opportunities. Yes I know he’s a WR first and foremost, but ESPN has him listed as both a WR and a RB, so it is a 2 for 1 deal. I’m including him simply because I think he’ll gain more opportunities in the pass game as the year goes on since Dallas currently has piss poor receivers. Elliott has the running game on lockdown but if ESPN will list him as both a WR and RB, plus if he gets more attention from Dallas’ OC and Prescott, then he can surely capitalize and be the sleeper pick of the year. Keep an eye on this situation.


Calvin Ridley- ATL

Trying to jump over Mohamed Sanu on the Atlanta depth chart, Ridley looks like he’s accomplishing just that. He lit up the once feared New Orleans defense for 3 TDs (kinda like you fearing your dad beating your ass when you were 4). Granted, he’s not going to challenge Julio for numero uno on the depth chart, but he definitely seems like he might be starting to gain more attention from Matty Ice. I’d add him just because he’s going against the bungholes in week 4. They just were destroyed by Cam Newton (who is one selfish SOB at the goal line), much like those snacks you destroyed the last time you were high as a kite. Ridley is a flex guy for me week 4.

Tyler Boyd-CIN

With a possible lingering injury to AJ Green, Tyler Boyd’s stock is fucking skyrocketing. The Pitt product has already posted 20 plus points in 2 out of the first 3 weeks of the season. Fuck me sideways with a lunch pail, that’s good. If AJ Green is out next week I could see Boyd getting another 20 point game. He’s really come into his own in the Bengal’s offense. He could easily put up WR 2 numbers next week if Green is to miss any time and if Green is present, I see a solid flex play.

Mike Williams-LAC

Williams is built like a brick shit house. 6 foot 4 and roughly 220, he’s one big fucking target. I mean a blind cheerleader who has no business being a QB could throw to this guy and it’d probably be in his wheelhouse. Considering he’s gotten some good red zone usage, he’s the real fuckin’ deal. Add him with the same confidence you have when you go to the bar being 3 hours deep into pregaming.


Tyler Eifert-CIN

I know, I know, EIfert is as durable as a damn wet paper bag with 50lbs of groceries in it but hear me out. He has played in 3 FULL GAMES THIS YEAR albeit with a limited snap count, if he shows his coaches he can be a full time TE and not injure his vagina along the way, he should see plenty of looks and targets. After all he’s splitting time now with 2 other TEs and he was still able to score 13 points this past week against the Panthers. If he keeps trending in the right direction, he could easily get back to his former glory.

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