Fuck That Guy – Week 2

Welcome to the second edition of Fuck That Guy. This article is pretty simple. We take a look at players who had no business getting fantasy points over regular players and politely tell them what we think. There were a lot of candidates this week so I’m sure I’ll be leaving a few off of the list but to the ones that I don’t put on, we can say this, FUCK THAT GUY.

Chris Ivory – Buffalo Bills

This was just like a bitchslap to the face of all Shady owners out there. It’s bad enough the Bills are the most inept team there is, but they actually get down near the goal line and bring Chris Ivory in? Dafuck? Ivory is that guy everyone has always had high hopes for but hasn’t ever amounted to much so for him to steal that TD from Mr. Shadydealings himself, McCoy owners had to be saying FUCK THAT GUY.

AJ Derby – Miami Dolphins

I mean, I guess Tannehill has to throw it to the Tight End every now and then but one catch and a TD, fuck that. Kenny Stills, Danny Amendola and basically anyone who has ever played for the Dolphins including Chad Ochocinco probably deserved this TD more. The Fins’ weapons were left with fantasy scurvy from Derby and for that we say FUCK THAT GUY.

Kendrick Bourne – San Francisco 49ers

Another player who sapped his teammates fantasy production by hauling in all of one catch, but when that one catch is a TD then it means something a little more. I’m guessing that Jimmy G got tired of being a giver to everyone: his teammates, coaches, ladies’ downstairs that he decided to help a little known teammate out for the week. Kendrick Lamar Jason Bourne made anyone who owned Niners passing game options this week saying FUCK THAT GUY.

Demarcus Robinson – Kansas City Chiefs

This one probably doesn’t belong because Mahomes spread the love so much that he decided to get the lesser known guys going. Kelce finished with 2 TDs, Hill and Hunt each had one and Watkins had a big yardage game. But still, who the fuck is Demarcus Robinson and why is he stealing TDs from players that need them? FUCK THAT GUY.

Tyler Higbee – Los Angeles Rams

The Rams bumrushed the Cardinals so this might fall under the category of “Let’s throw this dipshit TE a bone.” But he finished the game with one catch and of course it was a 3 yard TD. This was also a garbage time TD so maybe telling Tyler Higbee to fuck off is mean but hey, that could’ve went to Brandin too many Cooks in the kitchen or Fire Chief Bobby Woods, but nope it went to big Highig and for that we say FUCK THAT GUY.

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