Waiver Wire – Week 3

The following post has been written by new contributor and a sexy devil himself, Mr. Richard Lick. Richard and I are friends that go back to college and he’ll be providing us with some weekly write-ups, whether that be a Waiver Wire piece like this, or contributing in other facets of the site. I’m grateful to have such a good person and knowledgeable person on board to help us grow this site. His work will be great. Listen to him or you will die… I mean your fantasy team will die. Enjoy Richard everyone!

By: Richard Lick

Here’s your week 2 waiver wire pickups, use my knowledge or don’t and lose your next game it’s your call. I’m not a professional analyzer statistician person but I feel pretty confident in my waiver wire piece.

Each player is owned in less than 50% of leagues.


Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzmagic is here baby! The journeyman is finally destroying defenses and putting up a fight for that starting job against Jumbocrab Jameis Winston. How long can he keep up this pace? I don’t know, but that beard gives me hope that this lumberjack can keep up a decent pace. He’s not gonna top the QB leaderboards every week but I think he’ll be a good streaming option if your QB situation is lacking (a date with the Steelers’ rusty defense should give ample opportunity for his next high scoring battle). Ride this hot hand until he starts wearing fucking mittens.

Andy Dalton

Eh, the Red Rocket, I mean, the Red Rifle has seen better days but since his new OC Bill Lazor has taken over, Dalton has been pretty solid. Roughly 3,500 yards, just above 30 touchdowns and 9 interceptions since Week 3 of 2017 is impressive. That’s pretty good for a guy that has a head coach that hasn’t shown he can win a playoff game in a decade. Where can I get a job like that? Especially since Mixon is out for some time, I feel like Dalton will be called upon to air it out a little more. Plus with the Panthers and Falcons up next for this guy, I think the Bungholes will be in catch up mode more often than not. He’s a streaming candidate for those who have starting QBs are facing stiff defenses.


Aaron Jones

This mother trucker got suspended for the first 2 games this season, what a dumbass amiright? But for how stupid he is for getting suspended, he will surely make up for with running back dependability. As a rook, Jones averaged 5.5 YPC and had two 100 yard games last season. That’s pretty damn good for a rookie that did not start at the top of the depth chart, but his effort paid off with taking over the starting job from Ty Montgomery last season (albeit with an injury to Montgomery). I’d consider him a flex option the first few weeks back then he has the potential to be a RB2 once he works his way back to being the starting guy.

Austin Ekeler

Like him, love him, gotta have him, especially if you’re short on RB depth. Melvin Gordon may miss some time due to his upper body injury and IF he does, Ekeler is like that girl at the bar who started the night as a 6, then ends it as a sure fire, bend her over a barrel and show her the 50 states kinda gal. Ekeler is already averaging 18 ppg as a back up. Just imagine the work load he’d get as a starter. It’d be phenomenal, I mean p-h-e-n-omenal. Even as a backup he’s rosterable so I’d get him as soon as you can.

Gio Bernard

Gio is the model of consistency. I mean he’s not the best but he’s also not the worst. With Mixon missing time, Gio should bite into this opportunity like a thick and juicy beef patty. The guy already has a good role on passing downs but if he seizes the opportunity, people will be asking Mixon who? Mixon me a jack and coke, that’s who. He’ll be a really good flex/RB2 with Mixon out.


Chris Godwin

As a result of Fitzmagic taking the helm of the Bucs, so far this year Godwin looks to be taking a keg stand. Godwin has been the No 3 WR in Tampa, but with Fitzmagic asking “Who the fook is Jameis?” Godwin looks like he should capitalize on the current QB situation. Godwin can do well but also could really kick you in the nuts if Fitzmagic turns into the journey man he’s been his whole career up to the last 2 games. He’s a boom or bust guy more than any other on this list (except Ebron, who knows when he’ll suck it up).

Keelan Cole

Well, well, well, I can’t believe I’m saying to add a WR from the Bortles led Jaguars but I guess I also didn’t foresee the ending to the last movie I watched. Hint, hint, Last Flag Flying is calling your name as a movie to watch before you bitch out and watch The Office for the 8th time (downsizing is a bitch Jan, a real bitch). Add Cole, he seems to be one of the few reliable receiving options in Sacksonville. The Defense is great and the running game is solid, but the Jags can’t lead every game and run 90% of the time. Bortles will have to learn to throw a damn football like a grown ass man again and Cole will be the man he throws it to (either that or the ground but you can’t roster the field, or I would).

John Brown

John Brown. This guy is really good at football and catching balls. He’s a great receiver and can really outperform his current projections. Now he’s not always going to light ‘em up or pop ‘em (just a drug reference since he’s injured a good bit and probably pops percs) but he should be a great flex play given the right matchup. I mean c’mon, he’s scored each game he’s played in so far, so he really has a scrumchilescent upside.


Eric Ebron

This fucker right here. He leaves Detroit and is all the sudden a decently solid player. He’s not a Gronk or a Kelce, but if you want to take a risk like eating that 2 week old slice of pizza sitting in the fridge, he’s your man. He’s sharing time with Jack Doyle, but so far he seems like he gets enough opportunity to make an impact.

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