Fuck That Guy – Week 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a weekly write-up, Fuck That Guy. The idea behind this article will be to point out the people in fantasy who may have cost our regular players points and somehow miraculously found the end zone. It can also be about the random guy every week who just burns us. We’ve all been there. We’ll all be there. Everyone who has ever played fantasy has uttered these three words, FUCK THAT GUY.

Alex Armah & Norv Turner – Carolina Panthers

The Panthers march down the field to the one yard line. There’s so many options. Will Cam run it? Maybe they’ll hand it or throw it to McCaffrey. Could we see some play action so Cam gets a passing TD? Nope. 1st & Goal from the one and the Panthers give it to….. fullback Alex Armah for a TD. FUCK THAT GUY. To Norv Turner, the play caller, you’re a dick. FUCK THAT GUY.

Alfred Blue – Houston Texans

I feel like anyone who has ever played fantasy has hated Alfred Blue at some point. He at one time showed a flash of being good but quickly realized that deep down, he sucks butts at football. Somehow, he’s managed to stay on the Texans’ roster. He must have some serious shit on Ol’ Asschin himself, Bill O’Brien. But Alfred Blue scores a one yard TD to vulture Lamar Miller, DeAndre Hopkins and Deshaun Watson. FUCK THAT GUY.

Buck Allen and Kenneth Dixon – Baltimore Ravens

Maybe it’s rude to say since the Ravens recently put Dixon on IR but Buck Allen and Kenneth Dixon both vultured Alex Collins on Sunday. Maybe Baltimore’s OC just decided he hates Collins apparently or that the Bills are so damn bad that it was, “Let Everyone Score a Touchdown Day.” But for Collins owners, when you see those two RBs get into the endzone, you had to say FUCK THAT GUY.

Anthony Sherman and De’Anthony Thomas – Kansas City Chiefs

Pat Mahomes was so fuckin’ good on Sunday that he even got these two guys involved in the offense. In between letting Tyreek the Freak dominate, Passing Pat hit General Sherman and Thomas for touchdowns. Travis Kelce was saying it. Sammy Watkins was saying it. Kareem Hunt was saying it. YOU were saying it. FUCK THAT GUY.

John Ross – Cincinnati Bengals

I didn’t want to include Mr. Ross on this list because I’m optimistic on him for his season long outlook. But he only had one catch and it was a three yard TD. Joe Mixon and AJ Green could’ve been involved but the speedster from Washington got the goaline look. Much like Ross from Friends, John Ross left me saying FUCK THAT GUY.

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